On Faith: Whispers

I’ve been thinking about a sermon told by my co-pastor Pastor Gaye months ago.  She spoke about Jesus and Peter and getting out of the boat and not letting fear hold you back.  It got me thinking a lot about that and a lot about the other side of the story.  If your unfamiliar about the story, the 12 disciples are on the sea in a boat and Jesus walks on the water to meet them.  Peter, one of the disciples asks Jesus if it is really him to bid him to come out and meet him.  Jesus said, “come” and Peter gets out of the boat and walks on the water toward Jesus.  More happens with the story, but what I’m thinking about is the rest of the guys in the boat.  The other eleven.  What kept them in the boat?  What restricted them from doing what Peter did?  They all had the opportunity Peter did, but he was the only one to get out of the boat and walk on the water.  Did someone tell them at some point in their life they couldn’t walk on water?  Did they all silently vote to stay in the safety of the boat and not be “foolish” or “crazy” or “stupid” like Peter and get out of the boat and possibly drown?  Most of these guys, including Peter, were fishermen, so they were familiar with the natural order of water and boats and how the process works.  Yet there was Peter, walking on water, talking to Jesus.  Doing the impossible.  Doing what he “shouldn’t” do.  Stepping in the unknown, stepping out of his comfort zone.  While the other eleven stared at him in the comfort and safety of the boat.

I think about my own life, all the things I’ve thought about doing, but either talked myself out of doing due to listening to the voices internal or external.  The voices of “should”, “can’t”, “comfort”, “tradition”, “fear”, “embarrassment” all whispering to me.  Whispering to all of us.  I think the louder voices that speak to me, to all of us are: “what if”, “you can do it”, “go for it”, “believe”.  The positive voices tend to be louder than the negative ones, but I tend to listen to the negative whispers.  Maybe the other disciples listened to the whispers in their heads.  I’m done listening to the whispers, I’m getting out of the boat.  .  What about you, what do you listen to?  Let’s get out of the boat together and do the impossible!

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