On Fear: What Is On The Other Side?

“We are brought into this world with only two fears.  The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.  All other fears are learned responses.” -Alexander Lockhart


I have several fears I’ve learned, I believe we all do.  Some of mine are rational, some are irrational.

Rational: fear of falling

Irrational: Zoot.  Zoot is the saxophone player from Electric Mayhem from The Muppet Show.  I have been afraid of this muppet since I was around 4 years old.  No, I do not have an explanation.  And yes, writing this and posting the following picture of Zoot is freaking me out.  But I’m working through it:










When I was in the hospital for my kidney transplant, I faced every fear I had.  During one particularly uncomfortable and painful procedure I had to have a special PICC line placed in my neck.

I was awake and fully alert for this and I was shaking I was so scared.  I tried to go somewhere else mentally, but to no avail.  My mind kept focusing on the pain, which fed my fear.  As I focused on the fear, and knowing I had no choice but to face it, something interesting happened.  I went through the fear and ended up on the other side of it.

On the other side of my fear was God.  My mind could not create an image, but I knew it was God.  And I calmed down.  I stopped shaking, stopped crying and I asked God two questions: Where are we going?  Where are you taking me?  He did not reply, He only smiled and winked at me.

After the procedure, my neck was extremely painful and I could barely talk, but I was at peace.  I went through the fear and came out on the other side.  I can’t explain what happened, or why God only smiled and winked, but for me, God was on the other side of my fears.

I believe if we don’t run away or pretend our fears aren’t there, but face them we will not only get stronger, but be all the more better for it.  I think our brains tell us to run away, because it reminds us of the event that happened in our lives that taught us to fear.  But what if we ran toward our fears?  What if we:

  • see and acknowledge it
  • run toward it instead of away
  • fight it head on
  • pass through it to the other side of it

I think we would feel more empowered and silently give other people the permission to do the same.  I don’t think fear is a wall, but a membrane of restrictions we can pass through.  God is on the other side of my fears.  What fears have you passed through and what is on the other side for you?


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