On Giving Up, Giving Out, And Giving

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Have you felt like, if one more bad thing happens, you will literally meltdown?  I’m talking about full on utter and complete hulking out and smashing everything around you. 

It’s been that kind of year for me, perhaps for you too.  It’s so tempting to just give up. Throw your hands in the air and cuss out life like you just don’t care.  From my baby boy being sick, to my granddaddy about to meet Jesus, to this and that and that other thing I really have to do but I feel bad I haven’t done it and the feeling bad is keeping me from doing it and I know that doesn’t make sense but that’s where I am right now and I’m going to eat this bowl of cereal because it will make me feel better. Whew, our heads can be a noisy place sometimes. 


Giving Out or Internet Overload

There is so much on the internet, so many sites that give out advice.  The productivity/get it done sites.  The man up or woman up and make it happen blogs.  The take a mental break you deserve it time vampire sites, etc.  The find your purpose that will only cost you x amount of money sites.  Oh internet, if I did everything you suggest, I would give out in 2 minutes. 

I find myself reading about doing much more than actually doing. Then, here is the kicker, feeling like I actually did something.  I wonder, if I read about feeling like a millionaire would money materialize in my account and I could buy all the things. But I wouldn’t buy a real green dress. That’s cruel


Giving For Rut Removal

Our lives are ouresponsibility, no one else’s.  If we are happy or sad or frustrated or productive or stuck in a rut, it’s on us.  My days are on me to create or waste away.  I think we all find ourselves at the point of where we are longing for where we want to be. 

What helps me when I feel the dreaded compare and despair, is giving.  Giving my time, my attention, my trust, etc. to another person or persons.  Getting out of my head and helping someone else, esp. offline, does wonders.  I start at my inner circle and expand out.

How can I help Boo?  What can I do for my family? Close friends. Friends. People I know but not that well but I feel I could ask them for a favor and vice versa, etc.

Moving outside of yourself moves you.  I don’t think there is a scientific study on that, but I would bet 4 out of 5 doctors would recommend it. (It’s always that one doctor who hates everything isn’t it?  4 out of 5 doctors recommend breathing for longer life. The one doctor would be like, “No, don’t breathe, I’m still not convinced!”)

We are all connected and our greatest accomplishments are in the people we connect to.

Perhaps we hid behind our productivity and our busy and our simulated connections to avoid looking another human in the eyes and engaging.  Our giving of ourselves is our remedy to feeling like giving up or giving out or giving the planet a piece of our minds.  Now if you excuse me, I think I will help someone and look for a fake green dress for Boo.



[ps. The irony isn’t lost on me that this is an article on the internet giving suggestions.  Oh internet, you’ve won this round!]




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