On HAGS, Keeping Our Best Selves To Ourselves, And Crannies

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When we were kids, playing HAGS (hide and go seek) was the best. Finding nooks and crannies (Crannies? What is a spankin’ cranny?) to hide in, hoping you wouldn’t be “it.” When I was in college, we played a version called Sardines. where we all tried to fit in one place to hide from the “it”. Yeah college!

When we get older though, when we “become an adult” or “a professional” I think we still play HAGS. I’ve sat through meetings, not saying anything, hoping I wouldn’t be asked anything and be “it”. Oh but on the drive home, I’m Mr. I’ve got 5,000 ideas. Yet where was this 20 minutes ago son?

Or we consume so much on the internet, millions of us are hiding in the same place so to speak.  We could instead create, even though creating something and put it out into the world instantly catapults us to being “it”.

I think the hardest thing is to stand up and say, “I’ll be it.” The it has a specific task to complete. The it is open to criticism, open to the vast number of hiding haters eager to tear down.

The it is responsible. Responsible for locating the people, giving the presentation, contributing feedback, asking her to marry you (C’mon brah, its been like 2 years.), etc.

Will we stand up to be it? Or hide, our huddled masses yearning to be free?

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