On Hope: Flashlights and Lasers

What is the difference between a flashlight and a laser?  Both are composed of light, but focus that light in very different ways.

A light from a flashlight is generated from an incandescent bulb and is powered by electricity from a battery.  The light from a flashlight is dispersed over a wide field of vision to cast light into a darkened space.

A laser on the other hand, is an acronym for:  Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  Which means the light from a laser is a concentrated beam of light.

“The light emitted by a LASER is thin and coherent. LASER light is different from the light that normally radiates from atoms. Atoms typically radiate light randomly, resulting in light that is refereed to as incoherent. Basically, this means atoms radiate jumbles of photons that go in numerous directions. Coherent light behaves quite differently, going in one clearly defined direction.”- From wisegeek

The light of life

Sometimes we feel like flashlights, the light of our lives feels jumbled and all over the place.  There are also times we feel like lasers, focused, concentrated, heading in a particular direction.

A flashlight is not better than a laser and vice-versa, they just have different purposes.  If you were in a dark room, you wouldn’t fire up a laser to see.  Likewise, if you are trying to cut through metal, a flashlight won’t do you much good.

Hope is composed of flashlights and lasers

Our world needs both flashlights and lasers.  We can shine a light to help someone or raise awareness on an injustice.  We can also be lasers and be a committed force of light to pierce the darkness.

Wisdom tells us which one to be at the appropriate time. If you feel like a flashlight or a laser, we can’t compare ourselves to each other.  Both are needed, both are good.  When God first created light in the beginning, He declared it “good.”  Regardless of the form, light itself is good.  Regardless if our lives are messy or focused, we are good.  That is spankin awesome!

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