On Respecting People: Loving God vs. Loving People

Waiting at the Gate

Church or family?  God or people?  Religion or relationships?

For years I thought these were separate ideals.  God came first.  People would just have to understand. Church came first, and really, why would you ask me to not be there?

Since my kidney transplant, I’ve had a lot of time to think.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t have to love God at the expense of people.  I can do both.  We can do both.  In truth, if I genuinely want to love God and serve God, I do that by loving, respecting and serving people.

By making people the priority, I’m in fact putting God first.  They aren’t exclusive, they aren’t independent.  But interdependent.

How many people have walked away from God, from “church” because of Christians?  How many people believe in and love God, but can’t stand Christians, church and religion?  If that is you, I am so sorry.

You say, “well, that’s nice and all but I have to be at “church” because I have to do ______”.  I hear you, but let me ask you this:  what is the worst thing that would happen if you weren’t there?

Would you spontaneously combust into flames?  Would the church sink into the ground if you took the time to care for or help someone instead of doing whatever religious or church duty you feel obligated to do?  Probably not.

People are desperate to feel loved, to feel cared for, to have someone listen to them.  So if I say I love God, how could I not care for someone else?  I can do both, we can do both.  We can love God and love and respect people at the same time.  What have your experiences been?


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