On Respecting People: Respecting Skeptics

I was watching Miracle Detectives on the new OWN with my wife and it got me thinking.  The show is about two investigators, one a believer, the other a scientist, who travel the globe talking to people who claim to have experienced a “miracle”.  They investigate whether the person actually experienced something miraculous, or if there is a scientific explanation for the phenomenon.  This caused me to think about skeptics.

Skeptics and in particular christians have clashed for decades, if not centuries.  The skeptics try and debunk Christianity, the christians try and prove how wrong the skeptics are and show them the light.

I was thinking, what if there was another way.  I’m a Christ-follower, so I’ll talk from that side of the issue.  Perhaps some people are skeptical not because they do not “believe” in God, but it has such deep meaning and value to them that they do not want God’s image tarnished or misrepresented.  Perhaps they want to have a deep, fulfilling faith and how they get there is by asking the difficult questions and not take what someone has said at face value.

For me as a Christ-follower, the responsibility lies within  me to live out what I believe and not just talk a talk or glaze over the difficult things in life.  Instead of creating conflict, I need to foster conversation and respect people, esp. if they have a differing viewpoint than I do.  I need to not push my personal belief system on anyone and somehow expect them to say, “you know what, your right.  I’ve been so wrong.  Let me come over to your side and be right.”

Instead of having an agenda to “convert” anyone, perhaps showing people love and respect and dignity will be my only motivation.  I think showing love and respect will do more to bring us all together than talking and engaging in the “I’m right your wrong” dance.  I absolutely love this quote:

“Preach the gospel to all the world and if necessary, use words.”- St. Augustine


Again, I’m coming from one side of this topic.  I would love to hear what you all think.


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  • Jermaine,
    I like what I have read so far. Looks to me that you have put some hard work and effort into this project so far. I am looking forward to reading more in the future. I am praying that you have some good news at the hospital visit on Monday.

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