One Word #1






[Poem #30.  Image by Adrian and Andree Warnock via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]


[Postscript:  The man in the image is Mark Driscoll, founder and pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington.  There is too much to get into here, check Google or for more information.  The point of the poem is, can we have compassion for someone who is…a polarizing figure.

My mother mentioned something to me this weekend, “Christians abandon their wounded.”  If we peel through the rhetoric and see this man with fresh eyes, we might see the scars and wounds and hurts he has lived through.  Wounded people tend to wound people.

“But Jermaine he said…I know, I read most of the blog posts by so many others about that.”  “But Jermaine, he then went on to say…yeah, I heard about that too.”  This isn’t about defense of theology or an assessment of his beliefs.  Actually until last year, I thought Mark Driscoll was the guy who played the trumpet- but apparently that is Phil Driscoll.  This is about sifting through all the anger to see a person.  This is about humanity.

I think…I think caring for people who are wounded by words is a noble endeavor we can all embark on.  The rub is when the words come from one wounded to another, then what?

Can compassion keep us from judging those who judge others out of judging themselves so harshly?  Will it bridge the gap to become a salve to heal?  I don’t know, and honestly, I need to look within myself to assess my own stuff.  As much as I may want other people to do the same, I must remember I can’t change anyone.  I can only work on dealing with myself.]


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