One Year Anniversary!

Red balloons

Yesterday was the one year anniversary here at life unrestricted.  After a year of writing, of sharing ideas, poetry, etc., I’ve learned some things.

-There are a ton of websites and resources about blogging.  How to blog, how to monetize your blog, how to make 5-6 figures with your blog, etc.  The resources are great, but I’ve found the more I read about writing, the less it helped.  It’s like reading about working out and how to bench press properly and what equipment to use and what are the best meals to give you a six pack, etc.  All of these things are useful and great, but the only way to get that six pack or write a blog is to go out and do it.  Go. Start writing.

-The more I read about how to blog, the more I began writing/creating a website like this person’s blog or that person’s website.  Instead, I say recommend do what Mr. James Brown suggested:  “Watch me get up and do my thing.”

-With that said, the best resource I’ve found about having a blog is Copyblogger.  Seriously, fantastic stuff.


The Future

If your just tuning in, there are major changes coming to life unrestricted.  I wrote about this in the greatest newsletter ever, but I’m going to change the layout/theme. I’m going to use Standard Theme 2.  The theme I’m using now is good, but it has been somewhat difficult on the backend.  I also plan on tightening up my coding skills as well.  Watch out, HTML here I come.

I’m clarifying the overall goal/theme/the point of all this also.  To focus more on blurring our human being with our human doing through hope, faith, and love of self and other people.  To do this is an art, so it will be less “how-to” and more personal, human, story driven.

The biggest news is my big project of 2012.  Drum roll please:  I’m going to write a poem a day for 2012.  I received a lot of positive feedback from Poemvember last year.  Plus, I read “Linchpin” by Seth Godin and I’m very inspired and motivated to ship my art.  I’ll write about the format and clarify what that means soon.

Thank you so much for reading and inspiring me this past year.  Without you, this would only be an online journal.  You make this a community. 🙂

I wish you a fantastic Sunday and again, thank you.  May hope be with you, may hope be multiplied.



[Image by Jakob E via Flickr and a Creative Commons License]


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  • Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary and thanks for all you’ve shared. I wish you many many more years. A poem a day sounds like a challenge, but you are up for it. Afterall, your name rhymes.

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