One Year Dialysis Free!!

In case you don’t want to watch the video, today marks my one year anniversary of my kidney transplant.  (The video may be a bit long and a bit unpolished, but it’s from my heart.)

Thanks so much to all the love, prayers, and positive vibes this past year.

A special thank you to the tribes I’ve been a part of this past year; I’ve learn so much from Colleen Wainwright, Alise Wright, Kyla Cofer, Shanda Sargent, Joel Runyon, Chris Guillebeau, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Pamela Slim.

Another special shout-out to the wonderful people at SFCC.  I’m a much better person for being a part of this community.

Do I miss dialyzing every 4 hours every single day?  Do I miss sloshing around with 3 liters of dialysis fluid in my abdomen?  Do I miss the constant muscle cramps, in and out of the ER/hospital, falling asleep through life and not being able to eat chocolate, peanut butter, milk, coffee, potatoes, etc?  No no no.

I feel for my co-patriots out there fighting the good fight while being on dialysis, waiting for a transplant.

Hold on to hope, love God and love people while you love yourself.  May peace be with you, may peace be multiplied.


It’s A Spankin’ Celebration!!!


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