Our Love Is A Falling

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Our love is a falling.  I used to be intrigued by the concept of a bottomless pit when I was a kid.  This was a popular plot device used in the “80s, esp. in cartoons. “Nooo not the bottomless pit, nooooo” and the plan the villian laid for the hero usually fell through and in the pit the villian would go.  (Hahaha, fell through.)


Finding Your Footing at the Bottom Makes It Easier To Walk Away

Our love is like that, a bottomless pit of passion, beauty, and a hot mess of emotion.

There was a time I found myself at the bottom, and I took my wife for granted.  It took a lot of honest conversations for my floor to give way and my descent to continue.

A falling deeper into vulnerability. A falling deeper into our wounds, tragedies, and triumphs.

A descent deeper into the mysteries of my wife’s magnificence, heartaches, and why she thought it was called laundrymat, not laundromat.  (Boo: “You don’t do your laundro, you do your laundry.  So why would it be called laundromat?”  Me: Falling of the couch laughing…”)

I don’t want to gain my footing when it comes to love.  I want to keep falling and enjoy the view.

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  • LOVE this. Also, find it very interesting that you compared your love to falling. I wrote a kids book about the different kinds of love in our world and how God’s love is the best. But the phrase I used to describe romantic love was “falling love.” Great minds . . .

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