Pause For Quotation Marks



Mini DV DeckCreative Commons License Brian Gurrola via Compfight

Anyone with a computer and an idea

Could change everything.

A revolution, hiding in plain sight.

Industrial, to information, to



Have you noticed how

The symbol for pause

Looks like a quotation mark.

Words held in stasis

For emphasis.

Like text tattooed on an arm or neck.

Or heart.


Sure we may have the ability

We surely have the technology

But it doesn’t mean we should.

We are responsible for not adding more gray to the world.

Color isn’t dictated by the observer, but the creator.

Blue is blue, regardless of commentary.

Same for our art.

We curate it, not the cynical masses yearning to tear down

To feed their insecurity of not having the nerve

To create meaning.

To create hope

In words, in music, in song, in business, in gifts

In love…



[Poem #161.  Context:  This poem is inspired by the film “PressPausePlay” I recently watched.  It is a remarkable film which I highly recommend.  You can watch it on Netflix or watch the entire movie for free here.]

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