Pieces Of Paper


When we make our first appearance
We are greeted with love
We are assigned a piece of paper
To verify that we are in fact

We are placed into systematic schooling.
Where our competence and capability
Are measured by letters
On a piece of paper.
The depending upon the letter, the further we advance in the system
To achieve a final piece of paper
To verify that we are in fact competent and capable
Of memorization.
Not leadership
Or creativity
Or compassion.

We, depending on multiple variables, enter into another
Systemic schooling.
Four years or more
To receive a piece of paper
To verify we went to this particular school
Which in turn may or may not help us get a job
To earn more paper to pay for the four years or more of school
To earn the previous piece of paper.

If I live in a mobile home
Or an apartment
Or a townhouse
Or condo
Or a house
I have to sign a piece of paper
To verify I have smaller paper to pay for the shelter.
Meanwhile, the culture makes judgments on us
Depending on which shelter we live in.

Grandaddy gets sick and hospitalized
Before he can receive care
We are asked for a piece of paper to verify insurance
Our tears and his possible death
Not enough.

Every agreement is dependent upon a piece of paper.
A contract to verify you are a person of good character.
That will fulfill their end of the agreement.
Your word or a pinkie swear, not enough.
Not anymore.

We work and toil and our very lives dependent on
Pieces of paper.
Even in death, we need a piece of paper to verify
To creditors
That we are in fact dead.
Our absence to our families and friends, not enough.

Our humanity, not enough
We need pieces of paper to verify
We are human.
I wonder what our ancestors and the trees
Think of this?



[Photo by Seiichi]

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