Poetry: Closure


Seven letters.
In Hebrew, the number seven means

I saw her and
We talked and
Said what we had to say, and
It was finished.

Sunrises come and go
I see her again
The first time since we…
Awkward, plus I’m to tall to hide.

I even saw him.
Not what I expected, but
He seems wrapped up in her, but
She seems to be happy, but
I’m coming apart at the seams.

I saw him; he looked right at me, yet
He did not know it was quote me unquote.
Also known
As the past.
Hiding in plain sight.
Funny how we seldom notice.

On the drive back home, I held my drink between my legs
To keep it safe.
Throughout our three year relational career
I held my emotions between my legs
To keep them safe.
Yet, like my drink
Some spilled.

I tried for three years
Seemed like an eternity.
Tried to do
Not to be.
Funny too how tired and tried are the same word
With the letters flipped.

I’m happy for her, really.
I wish her all the best.
I didn’t realize it at the time, but my heart
Like a map
Led me there to seek resolution
A period
A benediction to the narrative.

Perhaps we all need such things
An amen of the heart
A bookmark removed from the book
Whether we like it or not.


I wrote this poem after a roadtrip I took to see friends of mine several years ago.  Unexpectedly, I saw my ex and we chatted.  It was the first time I saw her since the relationship ended.  The conversation was…peaceful, considering.  A few days later, I was out and about and I saw the new guy she was dating, HIM!  I knew he didn’t know who I was, but I knew all about him.

Years later, I was performing at a poetry venue and he was there.  By this point, he knew all about who I was and we chatted.  The conversation was…peaceful, considering.

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[photo by woodleywonderworks]

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