Presumption Of The Almighty Vs. Personal Introspection

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The noise, like thunder on my television, my internet, my daily news.
He hears the pain of the pious, as they drink from the cup of pride
He hears the pain of the disheartened, and loves us both.
Oh, to rest in a smile, like a child.


We speak of his wrath
His anger, justice meted out with fire and ash.
Presume to know all that will set him off
If this happens
Or if X group of people does Y, then Z=Judgment.
We presume to be intune with the divine on such an individual level
As to warn the populus to subscribe to our own world view
Or else become victim to “my deity” who will smite thee
Based on my internal wounding which births
Opinion and bias disguised as holy text
Singularly removed from the contextual whole.

We speak of wrath, of judgemt
Yet what of laughter?
Of joy?
What makes the Divine smile?
If we are so intune to his presumed fragile temperment
That one issue will caused fire to fall as rain
Then why aren’t we more so tuned in to His joy?
Why aren’t we publishing to the masses
“This is what brings God joy.”
“His Divine happiness washes over our country when _____ happens.”
“Look at my life to see what God’s love looks like.”
“Look at my life to see the validity of scripture.”

My heart, choking on my own hubris.
What’s left of me mourns for my brothers
Weeps for my sisters.
Don’t we know, from the same scripture we use to hurl shame and vitriol
Have we forgotten we are judged first.
We are held accountable for how we loved
How we gave mercy, shared our gifts, expressed grace to those weaker and stronger than us.
Have we forgotten
The holy text doesn’t validate our beliefs, our opinions and folklore.
It’s to hew us to something greater than ourselves
To introduce us to a love so breathtaking, it took many people thousands of years
To capture it all in written word.
To shape our character so as our lives reflect a healing light
For our own wounds, for the internal scars of the disconnected.
To prep us for engagment with our actual enemy incorporeal.
Engage and overcome through our broken weakness
Where our strength rises like hope.

We’ve strayed from the path
In our presumption of the Almighty
In declaring a timid temperance of the Divine, ready to strike.
Because of legislation?
Mayhaps it’s best we sort out our own lives.
Delve into our woundings, our propensity to consume tradition
And take argumentum ad populum  as actual scripture
To frame our worldview.


[Poem #200]


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