_CWH2452 Carl Heindl via Compfight


Layer upon layer
Fashion doubles as a scab.
Or a levee to keep the flood of emotions at bay.
I look like you to convince you I’m being myself.
I stick out like everyone else to signal my individuality.
So I coordinate to cauterize my wounds.
I can’t let you see me.
I think I’m ugly so I keep adding beautiful props
To hold up this weakened infrastructure.

It takes me 15 minutes to take all these props off.
Famous only in my empty room.
Which I need to fill with someone, anyone.
I need to get out of my head.
I need to look deal with myself, my stuff .
I need to..oh wait, that’s what’s trending right now?
That reminds me, I need to email him about the
And I have to check her status update because they had that huge blow up
And I have to check my blog for comments and likes
And I have to…



[Poem #148]

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