This infatuation, this borderline love
Is approaching speeds I can not control.
As I weave in and out of traffic
Out and into potential disaster
To hurry up and get to…

Yet in spite of my self
I see Volkswagens.
Different colors makes, models
I look next to me, there is
No one in the passenger’s seat
To touch.

I can’t worry about that now.
My heart is driving at an accelerated pace.
Shifting from friendship
To infatuation
To like like
To status updates to, you know, make it official
To visualizing how her first name would flow with my last name
To picking out children names and honeymoon destinations
And how to travel hack in style.
Faster and faster I go
I have to hurry up and get there.
I have to hurry up and get there.
All my friends have gone there and I’m gonna get mine!

Everything’s so blurry.
My friends become peripheral pedestrians I see
Out of the corners of my eyes.
Red octagonal signs and yellow caution tape
Flapping in the breeze.
They turn ¬†into streaks of light, I’m moving so fast.

And I swore I just saw Jesus.
He was driving the apostles and bpostles
In an old school purple stationwagon.
With tinted windows and chromed bumpers
So I could see my
His car sounds like thunder
Mine looks like lightening, I’m moving so fast.
I have to hurry up and get there.
I have to hurry up and get there.
The law of she’s just not into me can’t warn me.
The law of she just wants to be friends can’t ticket me

And I just saw another Volkswagen.
Reminding me
To look in the passenger’s seat
As I long for someone to touch.
For someone to touch me back.

I’m no daredevil
Or a crash test dummy.
But sometimes i just can’t help it.
I tend to find myself
Whenever I see a Volkswagen
Placing my right hand on the passenger’s seat.
Halfway hoping to


[Poem #20 of 30.]



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