Saturated (For Nathan)

Jump over Mt. Rainier


Yesterday I was
Feeling heartsick, so I
Listened to a lot of “love songs.”
Not the best prescription but
She called me twice yesterday
Twice today
So I had to


She wants me to come
Feed her unsatisfied beasts
That is, her pet insecurities.
You have someone now
Chosen him over…
Plead your case to him.
I am not your
It’s not my job to
Feed you anymore.
I’m on a new diet.
I’ve lost the weight of you and
Exorcised all of the saturated fat.


The gravity of our relationship was
Almost more than I could bear.
This free falling  is unfamiliar and
My parachute
Is holy.



Poem #28 of 30.  Image by The U.S. Army via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]
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