See Me! Accept Me! Freakin’ Love Me Said The Women And The Men

PARIS CAFE IN 1946, a pastel by R.L.Huffstutter ROBERT HUFFSTUTTER via Compfight


When they are little, boys say “Hey, look at what I did.”

When they are little, girls say “Hey, look at me.”

When we grow up, it doesn’t change.


As adults, we men what you to look at us for attraction

For women to say, “Oh snap, where did you come from, you magnificent hunk of man you.”

As adults, women want what they create to be seen

For men to say, “I admire your work, I respect you, and I accept you as an equal.”


The more we can recognize this, I think we can all get along a bit better.

We need each other to see each other.


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