Set In Our Ways


As the music was playing, they walked in.
It took a bit longer to get there by foot
They had hoped not to be late.

The usher was…taken aback by their arrival.
13 Middle Eastern Men, nowhere to seat them
Only the first pew was available.

Their collective smell assaulted the noses of the parishioners.
The walk there was particularly dusty.
Plus, they were pressed for time this morning and didn’t bathe in the river.

Their hair was matted and disheveled.
Their beards were untamed and untouched by blade or cream.
Eight of them were barefoot; five of them had the decency to at least wear sandals.

People were distracted by them as they settled in at the very front.
The singers and musicians kept singing as the ship was sinking fast.
All eyes turned to the pastor to do something about this…intrusion.

The pastor took a deep breath and approached the men.
He looked at the dirt on their faces, hands calloused, clothes tattered and worn.
Pastor ______ spoke to the one guy he thought might be in charge.

“Good morning gentlemen.  While we are glad to have you, your presence here is causing a bit of an interruption.
Our homeless ministry would be happy to assist you, but on Sunday mornings we prefer to…”

Jesus stopped the man mid-sentence.
“I’m sorry pastor, my friends and I traveled a long way to come.
We did not mean to intrude, we will leave and let you carry on.”

Jesus and the twelve walked out of the church, much to the relief of the congregation.
The service continued, as they sang songs to Jesus
Inviting him to come into their lives.



[Poem #14 of 30.  Image by eVo photo via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.

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  • Thank you again for posting truth….Christianity can be a deadly weapon in the wrong hands….. As a Christian–I really need to be careful how I use this…as I hold the influence to help to heal or to kill…..
    ….. There but the grace of God go I………

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