Special Saturday Post: Thoughts on Snow

I’m sitting in the upstairs bedroom of my in-laws house in the mountains of West Virginia.  It is Christmas.   It is snowing.  I appear to be excited about this, and I’m not sure why.  Maybe it is my wife’s excitement of a white Christmas, maybe it is the wonderful time I’ve had here.  Maybe it’s the peace of watching the snow fall.

Thinking about the falling snow, how each snowflake is unique and different.  Every single one.  Each snowflake is special, no snowflake is more important or less important than the other.  Each snowflake isn’t in conflict with the other or restricts the other.  Each one glides to the ground and contributes to the greater whole.  When all the snowflakes work together, the snow covers the landscape and makes it better and prettier than it was before.

Last year and earlier this year, the snow made a tremendous impact on the east coast where I live.  Snowmageddon. The Snowpocalypse.  The Snowtorious B.I.G.  I loved the various names given to it, to the unprecedented amounts of snow that accumulated.  Each snowflake working together shut everything down.  Something as simple yet complex as a snowflake multiplied with other snowflakes turned everything upside down.  All people talked about for weeks was the snow.  The snow caused us to stop, to give pause.  The snow made a difference.  Each snowflake.  A year later, when it snowed, it made people a little…nervous.

I believe we can do the same.  You, me, all of us working together.  We can make the landscape better and prettier.  We can make the world better.  We can work together.  We can cause the status quo, the great machine of the real world to stop and pause.  We can make the powers that be, that tell us to behave and be mediocre…nervous.  I’m not trying to be preachy, just sitting here in my pajamas watching the snow and dreaming.  Now I think I’m going to go dream myself up a cup of coffee and hang out with the in-laws and the wife and enjoy the day.  Peace and Merry Christmas.  [photo taken by my wife as she hung out of a window later in the day because she is awesome!]

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  • Yes, it was quite snowy and beautiful in West Virginia this past Christmas! It makes me happy to think now that you and Stephanie were there too. 🙂 And I really like the idea of all of us as snowflakes. Beautiful thought, description, and photo! 🙂

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