Dancing in the Fields
Photo Credit: Hartwig HKD via Compfight


Don’t you dare label me
Just because you don’t understand.
Keep your judgements, your pity and your condescension
To yourself.
If you want to help, then help.
Take my had and walk beside me.

This stigma
Keeps me quiet.
This quiet
Keeps me drowning
In myself.

Bipolar, Depressed
Paranoid Schizophrenic
Psychotic, Intellectually Disabled
Don’t you dare write me off with your diagnosis
Just because my brain sees the world differently.

Don’t call me “crazy”
Until you walk a mile
In my life.



[Poem #99.  Author’s Note:  I found this poem recently.  I wrote it back in the day at a Mental Health seminar I attended.  Looking through my journal at the time, I wrote several poems during the day long seminar.  Of which, was the beginning stages of this poem.]

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