Take Them Chains Off The Door, The Enemy Is Here

chainedCreative Commons License Trevor Leyenhorst via Compfight


The time has come and quickly passed.
Time to release the calm bomb
And break the chains.

Chains like echoes of the past
Memories like intangible jailors
Monitoring your  very life.
Comfort for a while, but the antagonist is walking to and fro
Seeking whom it may devour.

Your heart
Beating against a door of self created shackles.
You are the story you tell yourself.
The answers for the world
Resonating from the lips
One prisoner to another.
Yesterday it may have been okay to delay
A moment toward freedom.
Yet, right now, the need tilts the scales
The enemy is right here.

No time left for analysis paralysis.
No time to be cool or  remotely collected.
Fight like your life is desperate for it.
Your future needs you to be unchained.
It needs you whole.

[Poem #241]


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