Teacher Teacher

Reading Aloud to Children


Teacher teacher.
You inspire the children
To be anything.
To live life freely.

Teacher teacher
We sat and listened.
We learned our facts and figures.
Yet didn’t learn about you until much older.

We didn’t know you were restricted.
We didn’t know you had the status quo to uphold
We didn’t know it was dictated.
For you to train us to one day work in the factories.

But then there was Mr. McGillicuddy.
Who, breathed new life into world history.
For three years he taught future artists, entrepreneurs and a president.
But was fired because his S.O.L. scores were too low.

There was, Ms. June who taught rhythm and rhyme.
She found out yesterday the school system will cut P.E., art and music.
We were too young to understand her sadness
Over the growth of our bodies, heart and soul.

Teacher teacher
We love and adore you.
Words can not express our appreciation
For all you’ve done and still do.

Teacher teacher.
Now our children and then their children are in your classes.
How can we help you resist the systematic extinction
Of all that feeds our hearts and sets us free?


[Poem #37.  Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]

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