The 1,000 Days Project

The picture is me on a scooter in the streets of Bermuda, June 2009, right before I took off like a banshee and crashed about 100yds away into a hundred year old wall.  The story isn’t that I crashed into a wall and hurt my body and pride in the process.  The story is the fact that I was on dialysis at the time, dialyzing 4-5 times a day (30 minutes at a time), and teetering on complete kidney failure.  Yet, I went to Bermuda and crashed anyways.


The point being, why let something hold you back?  What could you accomplish in 1,000 days?  That is the challenge I have given you and myself.  I’m starting April 7, 2011 to end January 1, 2014.


There are a lot blogs about doing a bucket list, but Joel’s blog has been the most inspiring to me.  I want to tell a better story with my life, and not play it safe and comfortable.  I need to challenge myself, and drop a hydrogen bomb on my comfort zones.

Will I be able to accomplish all of these things in 1,000 days?  What if I could? What if you made a 1,000 days list and started doing the things you always wanted to do?  What would your life look like in 1,000 days?  What kind of experiences could you collect?  What kind of stories could be told?

We have the ability to inspire other people and give hope.  This is my attempt to do so on a personal and interpersonal level.  What if we broke free and did things that stretched our limits and helped someone else break free as well.  What if we changed the word?


So here is my list, in no particular order.  I’m posting this for you to see, to keep me accountable.  I’ll cross stuff out as they are accomplished.  I will absolutely need help with some of these, so that door is officially open.  Also, if I can help you with your 1,000 day project, let me know.  I would love to help!



Be completely debt-free

Have a Mutual Fund and Roth IRA set up and funded

Be in a position to financially help people who help people (such as Charity: Water, To Write Love On Her Arms, Tom’s, etc.)

Have a 529 savings plan set up and funded for my child’s college fund

Sponsor a child in Akure, Nigeria

Help 50 entrepreneurs make the world better through

Physical Health:

Participate in the U.S. Transplant Games 2012

Do 200 squats

Do 100 pushups

Run a: 5k, 8k, 10k, ½ marathon

Run a marathon on The North Pole.  It is absolutely possible, check it out here.

Participate in Warrior Dash

Be able to do one rep. of bench pressing 25, 50, 75, 100lbs

Go vegetarian for a month

Compete in a triathlon

Learn Capoeira

Experience weightlessness


Quit working for other people and work for myself as a professional writer. (At the time of this writing, I have been working for other people for 20 years!)

Performing my poetry in a more public setting individually and resurrect Cool Stinkie and The Watermelon

Create ebooks and products to give solutions to problems

Have self-published my book of poems/short stories on Amazon

Write and publish a print book

Compete in a poetry slam


Reconnect with my father’s side of the family and locate my older brother and find the sister I’ve never met

Show gratitude to 10 people every day

Attend an event/rally about a cause I disagree with or makes me uncomfortable to help the organizers and participants

Become conversational in the following languages: French, Chinese, Latin, American Sign, Spanish

Go to another country to help the citizens in any way I can


Be in a movie or made for t.v. movie

Ride an elephant (extra credit: pet and or chase an actual lion)

Get close enough to touch a wild deer and or chase and catch a wild rabbit

Learn how to play at least 5 songs on the following instruments: drums, ukelele, electric guitar, harmonica

Jump out of an airplane and live

Be completely offline for a month. Yes, including checking the internet from my phone

Go scubadiving

Swim with sharks and live

Participate in Nanowrimo and Nablopomo

Participate in The Running of The Bulls (and again, live.  I’m noticing a I-want-to-stay-alive-theme happening)

Interview The President of the United States

See the Aurora Borealis

Attend the Superbowl

Attend Wrestlemania

Attend The San Diego Comic-Con International

Ride in a blimp

Ride in a hot air balloon