The Barbaric Way Of The Gentleman

gentlemen LEOL30 via Compfight


They call us gentlemen

So as not to start a wide spread panic.

We are terrifying in our commitment to our God

Our purpose

Our women and our children.

We not only open doors

We open new paths where lesser men fear to tread.

Their frailty is the fuel to our fire.

Either get into the fight or get gone.


We fight with conviction.

To better ourselves, our communities, and our world.

To soldier on with humble posturing

As we lift up those around us

And reach out a hand for the forgotten or the unheard.


Play us weak because of our kind nature?

You poor, pitiful man.

Your hubris, your arrogance

Your pandering to the unremarkable rabble

Leaves you weak and impotent.

Your facade of “toughness” breaks underfoot of our tender mercies.

You couldn’t serve someone you disagree with

If your life depended on it.


We are many, scattered among the crowd

Only the inpsired notices.

We are your daughter’s dreams come true

We are the fervent mentors to your son’s relentless spirit.

We dare to voice our opinion in the face of apathy.

We move beyond passion to the desert oasis of commitment.

We are not to be trifled with, yet we are safe for those we care for.

We who know when to hold a lady’s hand

Profess our love and tell her it’s going to be okay.

We who can pull off a three piece suit

On any occasion.

We who wield manners and elocution

Like samurai warriors.


We are here, we are many.

We are here to serve, protect, and love.


[Poem #202]


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