The Daisy Don’t Lie

20070703 Doubt


Love be this train I’m ridin’.
To blue grass and orange skies
To warm toast and cantaloupe kisses.
Step back boy, this train ain’t stoppin’
Can’t stop this freight train now baby!

“Jump off boy, you ain’t paid yo’ dues.”
Said the conductor dressed in black
Wiping innocence from his brow.
His heart shaped cape with a lightening bolt in the middle
Flapping in the breeze behind him.
“Where we goin’, you just gon’ get yo’self hurt.”

Told that ole  conductor I says
“Mista, you ain’t know nuthin’ ’bout me or ma life.
I got loneliness locked in a locket wrapped too tight ’round my neck
And love be the only key that fits.
She be da only way for me ta breathe.
Mind yo’ own business and let me ‘lone.”

“Fool boy”, he thought under his breath
As he turned back to his business
“Gon’ get yo’self hurt, but it make no difference ta me.
Just mo’ people for tha heartbreak train
That be comin’ back real soon.”

Tha’ daisy don’ lie.
She gotta love me, love me like I love her.
Like I love running barefoot chasing rabbits.
Like I love stealing pears from Old Man Augustine’s tree.
As I fell asleep I kept repeating, “She gon’ love me.”

The breaking of the train woke me up.
I was at my stop and sweet Jesus
There she was, lookin’ all plump
All plump and delicious.
Lookin’ like sassafras and prob’ly smellin’ like hot biscuits and gravy
Oh Lawd!
I ran offa’ that train, ran to go hug ole girl.
But she held out her hand ta stop me.
Said she don’ love me
Said I was a fool to come there expectin’
Said she done fell in love wit’ one dem ole
Book learned dudes from the city.
Ain’t no space in her heart for some ole’
Country boy no mo’.

Hear dat?  Dat be the sound of my heart breakin’.
Tha’ silent sound a’ ma tears ‘fore they race down ma face.
Dis cheeock here gon’ treat me like dis?
Tha’ daisy don’ lie, she supposed ta love me!
But as I saw the back of her head as she walked away
I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was that ole conductor
He said, “Heartbreak train be by in an hour, and their always be room.”

As I waited for that ole “heartbreak train”.
One a dem country gals, you know with tha’ suspenders
And straw ‘tween her teeth
Sat next ta me.
She said she waiting for that train too.
She said she was in love with this book learned dude from da city
But ole boy kicked her to the curb and found someone else.
I took a good look at ole girl.
She looked as tore up as I was.
I reached into ma pocket and pulled out a daisy.
I said, “Tha’ daisy don’ lie.”
And gave it to her.

Wouldn’t you know that ole girl plucked that daisy clean!
She kissed yours truly right on ma cheek.
And that locket o’ mine loosed
And I could finally
After one score and eight years
I could finally


[Poem #26 of 30.  Image by Lollyman via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]
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