The Difference Between Faith and Hope

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I’m sitting here in Chick-fil-a and this thought joined me at my booth.

Hope is made up of faith.   In order to have hope, you build up to it with faith.  Faith correlates to action. 

Example: Creating a home.  Yes, you can lay a foundation and connect the drywall and door joists (Shout out to Habitat for Humanity and my limited construction abilities.  True, I learned how to lay drywall, but it’s better I stick to the writing.) etc. to construct a house, but that doesn’t create a home. 

A home takes effort, takes action, takes intent, risk and a daily commitment.  You can’t see a home, but you can see the evidence one exists, versus a house people live in.  


Faith Builds Towards Hope

 I have hope for a happily ever after, which takes faith to build towards that, which took the action of me taking a knee and putting myself out there by asking my wife to marry me.  

In business, in relationships, in parenting, etc., we all hope for something.  Faith is the action we take to get there.  If we do nothing, faith dies and well, you can’t do much with death.  


A Word On Optimism

When I was on dialysis, I didn’t feel very optimistic.  I had gallons of hope for sure, but it difficult to feel optimistic watching my blood sucked out of me through two needles in my left arm.  Optimism is conditional, but hope is deeper than our circumstances.  Deeper than how we may feel at the moment.  Hope is there through our failures, our triumphs, and all in-between.  

Like the difference between puppy love and real love.  Optimism= puppy hope?  


How would you define the difference between faith and hope?  Comment below and let’s chat.

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