The Great Salt Lake

Only By The Night Sam Ilić via Compfight


Large and magnanimous
With an ambiguous shape and torrent
Lay the great salt lake.

It’s color, like the soft hue of the gloaming.
Crimson and magenta, with a touch of rose
Hung around the edges.
A color liken to the same color of the cheeks
Of my friend when she speaks of
The gentleman she fancies.

The great salt lake
Not what I expected
Expectations birthed out of ignorant assumptions.


[Poem #182.  Context: I recently found a journal I wrote 10 yrs ago about my trip to China.  This poem was written on the plane as we flew over, yup you guessed it,  The Great Salt Lake in Utah.  Fun fact:  It took 25hrs to fly from Virginia to China and the moon is in fact full on the other side of the world.  I always wondered that as a little kid.]

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