The Handle Of A Hero


Firefighter Smoke Ross Beckley via Compfight

I can’t take it.
Not one more thing.
She said, watching her world, ignited.

Yes. Yes you can.

We will never know our full measure
Until we are measured.

A hero is not needed when everything is safe.
Superman is not needed when the world is calm.
Bruce Banner does not unleash The Hulk
When he is comfortable and feeling lazy.
A fire fighter won’t know what she is made of
Until there is a blaze.

“A ship in harbor is safe
But that’s not what a ship is built for.” -William She’d

No. Our character, our medicine, our inner shine
Comes out in the pain. In the darkness.
In the horrors of our wounds.

You are more powerful than you…
No, you do know, don’t you?
And it scares you sometimes, when your conscious mind drifts
Glimpses of you doing amazing things
Uncharacteristic of the box and labels others have put you in.
“I could never do that, or be that, or see myself in that world.”
You say to yourself, an assurance that everything will be alright
As long as I hide and not risk being vulnerable.

Discomfort affords us the opportunity
To see our real selves.
Our stretching
An exploration of our humanity, our faith, and a light for someone else.

You may feel like a mouse, until you discover you roar and are like the king of beasts.
Or a creek, which becomes an ocean.

You can handle this, you got this. You, the hero.



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