The Invocation

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[She stands in the town square, with a scroll in her hand.  The people are walking up and down, to and fro with their busyness and their business.  She wipes her hair out of her eyes and begins her intercession.]


Come and listen
Come come cries the muse
She calls to all who have ears to listen
Who have eyes to see.

Come and see
She beckons, like the shore beckons the tide
Or the grieving placing hope in the dawn
Lay down your worries and come.

Come and taste
Lick your lips with the coming rain
Let it dance on your palette and remind you of adolescence and spring
Invite those who are curious, those who search for love and truth to come.

Feel your anxiety wash away
Feel it fall off your skin like mud or regret
She gathers her children, reminding them yesterday is hidden
In the space between the setting of the moon and the rising of the sun.

Breathe in you weary and heavy hearted
Breathe in the curiosity of hope
Catch not only your breath but a glimpse of what could be
Let it waft over you toward a better ending.

Come and show up
Your future is ready, like a groom watching for his bride to walk down the aisle
Your wholeness is found in today, beyond your insecurities and fears
Love is on the other side, patiently waiting for you to arrive.

[The Muse concludes her prayer.  And she waits.]


[Poem #1 of 30. Image by Barkow via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]
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