The Light of The Dark

Die Sicht der Dinge 112/366Creative Commons License Dennis Skley via Compfight


Can darkness act as light?
Showing me my wounds.
A flashdark illuminating the places I need

This…this yearning…
The things I don’t want to do
Beckoning like whispers in shadow’s easy.
“Hey won’t you come out and play.”
The good which I demand myself to do
A fleeting memory
Like a dream interrupted by alarm.

The dark lights my wounds.
Scabs upon scars across my heart.
I stroll in the dark, a reaction to those wounds.
Walking, lost…angry at the light.
For the closer I crawl to the light
The bigger my shadow becomes.
And I can’t deal with that version of me.

It’s safer in the dark.
No work to be a better me.
No responsibility for my growth.
Only the absence of light
No shadows.


[Poem #153]


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