The Long, Winding Road Of Dialysis

Renal Dialysis duncan c via Compfight


Four hours a session.
Three days a week.
As I sit, two 15 guage needles in my left arm
Watching the blood pump out of me
And back in, cleaned by science.

32oz of fluid a day.
Any more and I inflate.
More fluid to take off during the session
More pain and cramps, my reward.

The cramps.
Oh. God.
Leg muscles tighten to the point
Of feeling wooden.
A pinocchio
Wishing for a kidney.
Which could be years. And years. And years. And…

Today, my fistula, infiltrated.
Needle went through, not into.
Arm packed with ice, swollen like Popeye.

Tomorrow, I’m going to play hooky.
Nurse said if I did, I’m taking my life into my hands.  Well…
I like my hands better.

Four hours a session.
Three days a week.
Life awaits.

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