The Low Road, Being Right, And The Things We Value


You’re right, you know this to be true. The People’s Court, The Supreme Court, the spankin’ Court of Owls would side with you.

You stand, victorious. Both arms on your hips, chest puffed.  The cries of your enemies floating in the distance. All is great for about a minute.

Until those cries become louder. Closer. You look and have what’s commonly referred to as a moment of clarity. This enemy, this malcontent. This person is your spouse/brother/sister/father/mother/roommate/guy you actually don’t like but your conscious just won’t leave you alone about it.

Do we value being right or the relationship more?  Not a new concept sure, yet in the heat of the moment, there is little chance we can think straight enough for that kind of perspective.

I’ve gotten into some verbal slobberknockers in my day. Like a verbal cage match at Wrestlemania.

We have in front of us the choice: being right or valuing the relationship. Letting go of our position to let the other point of view breathe, take in the landscape, and live.

The low road of humility, vulnerability and grace.  Ever present before us, esp. when our tempers flare.  Baby steps right?



ps. The Court Of Owls is an astounding graphic narrative work by Scott Snyder on his remarkable Batman run. Check it out, it’s great stuff.



[Image by Anita Ritenour via Compfight]

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