The Most Dangerous Word


What is the world’s most dangerous word?

A word we all ache for and would gladly sacrifice just to have it dance in our ears.

There is a word stronger than death, stronger than gravity, stronger than fear. Such a word, you would think, would be locked away behind a vault or stricken from the global lexicon. But I bet you a Krispy Kreme doughnut you have used this word this week, in some sort of context.

The word: love

How four letters can give us all such fits is a mystery. How we can intuitively tell when it is spoken out of sincerity is a greater mystery.

Love is the perfect combination of danger and beauty. Love ought not to be taken for granted or used loosely. Love compels. Love accepts. Love is messy and we like it that way.

Love is the only word that causes us to change, and we willingly comply.

“I stopped X behavior because I love my wife”

“I started X behavior because I love helping people.”

Love is older than time and still in high demand worldwide.

Love is violent.  Usually I’m a nice guy, but mess with my wife and it’s on.

Love is…


[photo by vapour trail]
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