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CLXXXIII - glory moments


Underneath the star filled morning
As adults play hopscotch and bid adieu to their worries
I sit on the crest of the water
Strumming a melody on my stringless guitar.
While in the midst of the quietness
Butterflies weep and dandelions dance away
All of my loneliness.

As I glance around
I see a man try to walk on his hands
And not his faith.
He falls every time.

I see a blind child lead her friend
Across the narrow path.

I see a two backed beast in quite a predicament
For a moment’s vanity.

With eyes wide open, I dream a dream
Of an old man giving instruction to the meek
On how they ought to split their inheritance.

Through death life is given
“Life is a symphony
And I’m not afraid.”


[Poem #11 of 30.  Image by caese via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]


[Of note: The line, “life is a symphony and I’m not afraid” was told to my friend Nathan and I back in 1999 by a homeless gentleman as we waited at the bus stop in front of the mall for the afternoon bus.]
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