The Power Of Hope

Battered James Marvin Phelps via Compfight


The difference is

Hope is something to believe in.

Faith, the ability, the action to believe.

Having something to believe in

Can topple regimes

Shift cultures

Keep a light burning through the blackest night.


It’s unwise to believe in something

It bristles against reality.

This is how it is, how it will always be

Until it’s not.

Until something is done

The impossible made manifest.


“Impossible, how could the  disease go into remission?”

“It can’t be, how could your premature baby survive?”

“You mean, I now have the right to _________?”

“How could they have not gotten a divorce?”


It all stems from a hope unseen

Fueled by a faith in action.

Oh, oh such a thing

Dwelling within our grasp

If we so choose.



[Poem #222]

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