The Seduction of a Lifetime

Alone With His Regret

She came to me like a myth made flesh

I’m in my twenties now

She whispers her name in my ear

Told me all I ever wanted

All I have to do is deny my heart


I work and work so hard to gain her favor

I ignore risk and danger

She is all I need

She will make me happy

She kisses my cheek, and willpower evaporates.


I must be safe, it is the only way to woo her

I’m in my thirties now

She holds my hand and tells me how caution makes sense

How doing what I’m supposed to do is what life is about

She shows me just enough of her left shoulder I forget all about my dreams.


A life with her is a life worth having

She tells me as she caresses my face

This talk of being alive and remarkable is a facade

Blend in, only connect to like-minded people

She rubs my shoulders and sings me a lullaby of complacency


We are standing on top of the world

I’m in my forties now

My occupation and my identity have merged

I’m established, I’m successful

I’ve arrived, sans such bothersome things as individuality


I sold the rest of my initiative and bought her more jewelry

I’ve been on auto pilot for so long, I’ve forgotten what it is to feel

All emotion I have left is the fear of losing her

She tells me how good that is, how lost I would be without her

I start to question, until she slips into something even more comfortable


The pain in my chest won’t go away

I’m in my 60’s now

My chest has hurt for the past five years

She says it is nothing, perhaps I need to sleep more

Another lullaby, this time in the key of apathy


I retire from my job, 45 years of doing the same thing five days a week

It’s respectable, look at the life we have

45 years of nice, calm mediocrity.  Even if she doesn’t look at me the same way anymore

Who needs passion?  Who needs something so dangerous as love?

I have her, she is my all.  Her and this nagging chest pain…


I’m on a hospital bed, alone with her

I’m in my seventies now

She fluffs my pillow so I can drift away as I have existed

The doctor diagnosed me with a fatal case of regret

The I.V. fluids of truth finally course through my veins


The pursuit of her killed me a lifetime ago

I was living, but I wasn’t alive

Her wiles clouded my thinking

I see now she was a passion sucking nosferatu

The dreams of what could have been fed her so well


She kisses me on the forehead one last time

It is the end now

She walks out the door, hunting for her next lifemeal

Beware you sons, be warned you daughters

Her name is Comfort, and all seduced by her could have made the world a better place.


[photo by Nick-K]

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