The Song Of Our Lives, Replaced

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What do we do when the song is removed, when the vibrato of our service is assimilated into tradition and expectations.  In the beginning was the word, which became a song, which became flesh to help the community.

You can see it in business, from how the values and beliefs of a company when it was first conceived to how it is run decades later.  Mom and Pop replaced with corporate tone and legalism.  The founders desired to help while their descendants want to increase profit margins.

The messiness of human connection replaced with sterile interactions and a softly covered beast called “Customer Service.”  [Ex. I waited, no lie, 13 minutes to speak to a customer service rep. all the while a robotic woman’s voice told me my call was important.  What the what?]

Nowhere is this more evident than in The Church/The Religion of Christianity.  You have so many traditions and processes on how services are rendered, on behavior, etc.  “No you can’t do this, you can’t say that, just be yourself like everyone else and live free.”

Truth replaced by opinions of a CEO/Elder.  Social scripture and Company policy bully behavior.  So we can…make a living?  Or, be closer to God?

The juxtaposition of how much we love to play and get messy vs. denying who we are to be assimilated into a culture is heavy on the heart.  The memory of the original song is fading fast.

The more I subscribe to the collective, the less I tend to care.  Expectations breed apathy.  Fake it, sure.  Know all the jargon, of course I do.

Feeling closer to my true song and/or to God?  Singing is a sin and against company policy and because I care, I’m going to tell you why, because I care…

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