The System Is Broken. Long Live The System!

Bad Clergy/Poor Homeless Dude (2)




Our systemic attempt to understand God.

A presumption, for once we understand something

We rise above it, naturally.

Our understanding of God

Like a cat walking across piano keys

Only causes dissonance, within and between each other.

Since the beginning.


“I”m not judging you, I just want you to live by my own set

Of personal beliefs so your life will be better and you’ll be like me which

Validates my supression of individuality and vulnerability. Oh you don’t want to?

Oh you have your own beliefs, then because I believe in God

I have to boycott and point out how wrong you are and how

Right I am and shame you into my worldview.”


Shall we instead


Each other.


The nature and beauty around us.

Leave the arguing and fist pounding and piety

To the religious.

Let’s you and me go



Notice the hurting around us and do something about it.

Live in emotional artistry.

Be with people and not try to fix them.

Laugh (yikes, a smile!)

Engage our culture to





Image by eVo photo via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.

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