The Wait Of Shame

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You say

“I”m speaking the truth in love.”

It seems like

Your “truth”

Is hurtful, opinioned, saturated with pious dogma and fear

Which weighs on the soul.


The truth sets you free.

Not beats you down like a conformity jackhammer.

The truth is weightless.

Shame though?

The wait of shame is heavy around our necks

Like having the whole world tied to an upside down noose

Pulling our backs and our eyes

Down to the ground.


I wait.

To hide it all as my wait becomes heavier, and heavier still.

Your ears are turn inward, where you listen.

The volume turned to eleven.

I wait some more.


Your “truth”

Feels a lot like shame.

Your “love”

Tastes a lot like guilt.

Sorry, I found a new diet.

So I speak now, I release my verbal vulnerability

To wait no longer.

I don’t care if you hear me

It’s your loss.

I won’t let you shame me into changing

So you feel comfortable.


I speak my truth, waiting no longer.

I do it for her, for him.

So they feel wait. Less.


So which one of us is





[Author’s note: I’m so sick and tired of people saying they are “speaking the truth in love”.  It is rarely ever in love. Nor is it truth. It goes, “Well, to speake the truth in love…blah blah you suck…blah blah you need to change…blah blah here is piping hot bowl of shame made just for you.

If we listen more and stop disguising shame as “truth”, we may just learn something about other people. We may just create a space where someone can feel safe enough to be vulnerable, to release their shame and stop waiting, stop holding it all inside.]

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