The Wait Of Words

Tree Swallows


The weight of words, gravity.

My back bends as my heart draws closer to the ground.

How can we return

To the place of rainbows and meadows?

The aftermath, my remorse multiplies the sadness

Divided by the pain, emotional arithmetic teaches me a lesson.

How can I subtract the words I said, how can I be the man before?

Before the wounds, before her heart became frozen in carbonite

Reaching out, a solo memorial of her desire to be heard.

Will forgiveness win?  Will love find a way?

Will grace massage the tension and restore?

Will I take the steps to heal, to better our relationship?

Will I be the soldier of change and fight for us

I lost the battle, but the war is up for grabs.

Love shall be the hero of the day…

[Poem #19.  Image by Stewart Ho via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]

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