Themysciran Thoughts

Wonder Woman Stamp

Thank God I didn’t kiss you

Two lips like tulips spread open

With sulfur and brimstone the fragrance of your breath

Sweetened honey flypaper used to attract the weak

And have now captured the young.

Your man’s grievance is pathetic

And I’m amused by his bravado

But I use words as bombs and missiles

The Department of Homeland Security has my mouth under surveillance

As an example of a weapon of mass destruction.

I wish I had your golden lasso of truth

I would wrap your bloated, repressed emotions with it like a noose

Hang them above the superficial and shallow like a piñata

Hand them 2x4s and watch as they show you

How they really feel about you.

Spitting venom like a cobra

You called me emotionally unstable

And proceeded to interrupt my daily prayers

With your contrived notion

that I was groomed to be your groom.

First kiss was to be on the altar

Living sacrifice shackled by a ball and chain

Your preacher pronounces me your pet acolyte

I may now hand over my will and soul

My dreams were to be used as collateral in a prenuptial agreement.

And your menstrual minstrels were to sing

Of your newly acquired M.R.S. degree

I was to become Mr. Wonder Woman

I could be spankin married to you right now

Thank God I didn’t kiss you.

I want to kiss my future so deeply

That my past gets jealous

And Eternity hunts me with a shotgun

Full of buckshot and rock salt.

I want to kiss my dreams so passionately,

I get so lost in the moment,

The real world has to put my photograph on a milk carton with the caption:

“Have you seen this person?”

I want to kiss,

I want to kiss.


Any dream

Any goal

Any woman on Earth

Other than



[photo by ann-dabney]