Time Spent With You


The universality of time.

7 billion of us, allotted 24 hours each day.

A gift, counting down each hour

To gain again the next day.

With the rise of the sun, and the setting of the same.

A level playing field for legacy.

For love, for forgiveness

For one more moment.


Time, so scarce, yet abundant.

It seems to pass by so quickly.

But it is us who changes.

It is we who grow, who mature, who meet our time’s sunset.

Sunrise, 24 hours given

The world starts again.



[Poem #160.  Author’s Note:  The video is of Jim Croce, singer/songwriter who wrote this classic “Time in a Bottle.”  In the video is his wife and son.  Jim passed away in a tragic plane crash after this video was made and before he received a grammy for this song.  He was 30 years old.

Time and mortality is on my mind quite a bit in the past year.  This sense of legacy, for my wife and baby girl.  Each day is precious, we owe it to ourselves, to our families, to our great-grandchildren,  to not compare and despair how other people use their 24 hours, but for us to use it to make ourselves better.]


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