To See My Beautiful Race

Abaywesh Alemayehu near Gojeb River, Ethiopia Alfred Weidinger via Compfight


“I don’t see race.”

No, please

See me.


See all those who have come before me

Living in the melanin of my skin.

The honor, the integrity

The joy of the first ballot cast by a dark skinned hand.

See me.


See the tragedy, the horror

The trauma of deliberate and legislated separation

Dubbed less than treated as such

See our pain as it colors my tears.

See me.


See the joy in the rhythm and rhyme.

See the rise of our entrepreneurial spirit

Bursting within our communities.

Watch as chains of a poverty mentally

Are broken forever.

Marvel as a legacy of cyclical external dependence

Transforms into internal accountability.

See me.


Seeing my race doesn’t make you racist.

It makes you human.


[Poem #213]



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