Gold Bar with Reflected Coins


You are the treasure
Don’t settle for less.


You are the light which illuminates our world.
Your character causes boys to be men
Men to be knights
Knights into kings.


You may be in distress.
Do you need us to come to your rescue
With broad sword and intent?
Most likely, you need our ears more than a sword
Our hands to hold than used for fighting.

(But we will totally throwdown on your behalf
If some fool messes with you.
Believe that!)

You are the treasure
Of which we lose our spankin’ minds trying to find
Yet once found
Once the gem of great price is discovered
We would almost die to show our devotion to you.


(I mean, I hope you don’t want us to actually die
Because, I mean, that would be messed up for you to want such a thing.
Sure it sounds nice in a song or a movie
But this is real life and I, you know, like living and everything.)


Yes, you may hurt before our paths meet
Love lost like a precious memory.
You are spun gold from the sun’s dreaming
Buried deep, to create value and scarcity
So why lower your standards for gravel?


The heat from your lips
Melt away all doubt
Turning sand into glass
How better to reflect your radiance
Back to the sky?


You.  The definition of elegance, grace, and poise.
You are the treasure.

Always, and forever…


[Poem #44.  Image by Bullion Vault via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]

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