True To My Girl

Kindly hold my hand


I’ve got to stay true to my girl.
Even though her smile is hard to remember.
I’ve got to stay true to my girl.
Even though…it’s hard.

Back when I was single
I couldn’t get the time of day.
It was rough on a bruhman’s self-esteem.

I don’t know if I have a sign
On my fo’head or what.
Women seem to be coming from everywhere.
Jumping out at me from behind bushes.
Popping out of closets.
Talking to me on the bus.
Approaching me at the cafe’.
Walking up to me at restaurants.
Yelling at me as I walk down the street if I want to see their…

I remember a few year back, right.
I was at this conference, right.
Walking with my girl at the time.
Six women asked if I would join them in the hot tub.
Again, where were these women when I was single?
So to keep the peace and my manhood I said
“I’m sorry ladies, but I’m going to say the nay-no.”
I’ve got to stay true to my girl.

Even when my eyes pop out of my head, grow legs and wander.
Even when it’s hard to dig through the frustration and say, “I love you”.
Even when I want to bang my head against the wall to understand you.
Even when you disrespect me in front of my friends.
Even when you call me all day to tell me about your day, ok.
Even when you push me to the edge and I use profanity.
Even when you push me to the edge and I start to lose my sanity.
Even when you put yourself down and I complement you.
Even when you argue and argue the complement is not true.
Even when you say you’re too fat this and too fat that
And we go tit for tat and I can’t seem to convince you you’re not fat.
Even when you talk talk talk when nothing needs to be said
Even when you say things that only make sense in your own head
Even when you talk about how we’ll be together until we’re both dead

I’ve made a decision to be with you.
I’ve made a choice to be with you.
Therefore, you are my chosen.
To you
Will I be true.



[Poem #15.  I originally wrote this poem the summer of 2002.  Almost ten years later, this poem sees the light of day.  Image by muslim page via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]

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