Trust Yourself To Remember

  Cliff diving with JT 4ELEVEN Images via Compfight


Clinging to all I’ve ever known
Or taught
Makes letting go

The water below looks
I knew how to swim

Falling into myself
To then repeat
Embrace uncertainty
To then repeat?

Who will I be then?
Will this reflection
Show the real
Or the carefully constructed

Built to emulate
Robots in disguise.
What if the life model decoy
Is the popular one?
What if I thrash in the water
Which one gets saved?

If I remember how to be me
At the behest of someone else
Then am I, authentic?

I would stand here, clinging to all I’ve known
Yet, my feet grow weary
From standing still.
Feet weren’t made for that.
Our feet, our walk, our soul
Were created to move us
To feel the air we walk on
To keep us afloat.
The breeze of the fall feels fantastic
Against my face.
The contact of the water
A refreshing remembrance.


[Poem #193]

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