Two Free Gifts Of Hope



This week, two amazing gifts were given, free of charge.

I was speaking with someone yesterday, her mother is having her second kidney transplant in the coming weeks.  The first kidney lasted for fourteen years, the average lifespan of a transplanted kidney.  If that holds true, I’ll be 47 if/when my new kidney, Kidd Rokkney, will fail.

Sure, I’m holding onto hope that all will be well, but I can’t help think about my new kidney failing and the drama of going back on dialysis, back on the transplant list, in and out of the hospital, etc.

This sense of urgency, of leaving a legacy, of telling a remarkable story with my life, is on my mind daily.  Chris Guillebeau and Joel Runyon have written excellent resources that speak on these things and, once again, completely free.

Chris released, “The Tower”, a manifesto regarding urgency and legacy.  It is honest and quite encouraging.  One of my favorite parts:

Life is not a spartan existence, nor is happiness the greatest value we can achieve. Instead, life is a series of purposeful choices that can produce great rewards from great effort. Choose to craft your life around creative work that goes up like a tower and out to the world.


To download and read “The Tower”, click here.


Joel released, “The Impossible Manifesto”, a great project he has worked on for some time.  Joel writes about doing the impossible and encourages people to push through whatever it is holding them back (Tip: Nothing is impossible.  We can do more than we think.)  He writes in the manifesto about telling a remarkable story with your life, fear, and doing something besides talking about it.  One of my favorite parts:

It’s your life. You get to decide what happens. There are a million different influences around you every day trying to get you to buy into what you “should” do, but ultimately you really can do what- ever you want.

You get to write your story.

When I realized I could write my own story, things changed…


To read/download “The Impossible Manifesto” click here.


I believe these gifts will be of great value to you.  Take care and have a great day!


[Image by Zephyrance via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]
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