Watch Out, God’s Gonna Get You?



What if…


What if the God from the Old Testament:


full of wrath


etcetera and the God viewed from the New Testament, the turn of the century, and right now:




friend of the friendless, physician to the emotionally wounded

is one and the same, never changed.

What if it’s our perceptions that are skewed?


As a child and into my adulthood, I believed God would “zap me” or “strike me down” or “punish me” if I did something wrong.  Which led to an obligatory following of rules, made by religious overseers, out of self-preservation.  It also led to feeling unloved by God.  I was his dutiful soldier, I didn’t have time to seek out His love.  I had souls to save, John 3:16 and all that.

As I’ve gotten older, my humanity and my heart can no longer bear such…captivity.  This notion of an angry God waiting to hurl lightening bolts at us, the disconnect in my heart to adhere to the lawful tenets of Christianity while searching for a tender love by God is no longer sustainable. Which begs the questions:


What if the religion of Christianity and God himself are separate?

And what if God isn’t our problem after all?  


[photo by J. J. Verhoef]



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